Buffalo crossing the river in from of lodge - 16 Sep 2011

Buffalo in island in front of lodge - 16 Sep 2011

Buffalo en elephant taking turns to cross the river - 16 Sep 2011

Finally elephants finally getting a turn to cross the river - Sep 2011

Elephant visiting the lodge a week before the floods - Jan 2012

Crocodile River in front of Lodge in flood - 19 January 2012

Hippos hiding on bank of river to get away from flood waters -:)

Elephants playing in the water - Jan 2012

Willem, the Waterbuck, in front of the lodge enjoying the lush bush after all the rain.

Willem the proud dad. Taken 03 Mar '12

Elephant moms and babies - 6 Mar '12

Photo taken yesterday, 13 March '12, at 15h10, during hail storm in Malelane. Trees were unrooted, roof at Bowling Club blown off. Fortunately we had no damage.

Hippo mom and baby - 05 April '12

Elephants sliding down the sandbank on their way to the river - one taking a quick break en route. May 12