Animals and Surroundings at Belvedere-on-River

In this album we show pictures of animals and surrounding ares which has been photographed from the deck at the Lodge. We are situated on the Crocodile River which forms the Southern Boundary of the Kruger National Park so all the animals of Kruger can be seen from Belvedere-On-River, when they come down to drink water.
DSC_0027a12794.jpg DSC_006512794.jpg DSC_007012794.jpg DSC_031712794.jpg DSC_1050c12794.jpg DSC_2130b12794.jpg DSC_2372a12794.jpg DSC_4744a12794.jpg DSC_4825c12794.jpg DSC_5017a12794.jpg DSC_5263a12794.jpg Image000312794.jpg DSC_2174a12794.jpg Maggie_Fotos_22_March_11_03712794.jpg Hippos_9_14_Jun12794.jpg